Pop Tab Collection

Keep Pullin' for the Denver & Aurora Ronald McDonald Houses

NOTE:  Because we’ve temporarily suspended all visitors to our Houses, we encourage all pop tab collectors to recycle their tabs themselves and mail the proceeds to RMHC-Denver.   

Basic information and history of campaign

Collecting pop tabs is a great way to teach kids about philanthropy and the importance of recycling while raising funds to help children and their families at the same time.

How the program works

Aluminum beverage can tabs are collected and sold for cash. Of course, the entire can could be recycled, but it would create a very difficult problem for delivery and storage. The tabs have captured the imagination and interest of thousands of collectors.

Pop tabs should be delivered to either the Denver Ronald McDonald House (1300 East 21st Avenue, Denver, CO 80205).   They are then taken to the recycling center.

Out-of-state collectors, or collectors out of the metro area, should recycle the tabs themselves and send the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House.  Please avoid mailing pop tabs as, often, the cost of postage is greater than the amount of money that the pop tabs are worth.  

Fun Pop Tab Fact:

It takes about 1,128 pop tabs to equal one pound.