Our Impact

Whether you’re a first-time donor, long-time giver, volunteer, house guest or just learning about RMHC-Denver, we invite you to take a look at the impact we’ve made and our financial picture.

2023 Impact

We welcomed 2,507 families in 2023
We provided them with 36,477 nights of rest in 2023
Families stayed for an average of 26 nights in 2023
Volunteers helped prepare 30,650 nourishing meals in 2023
Families saved $9.6 million in lodging and food in 2023

Learn more about how we supported families and check out our 2023 Impact Report.

Make a Difference for Families & Children

Parents don’t know when their children will need medical help far from home. But they should know they can always access the care they need. And with your help, we can support them all throughout their journey.