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How to Stay

Requesting a room at either the Denver or Aurora House


At RMHC-Denver, you will find a comfortable place to live while in the Denver Metro area.  In addition, you will find support, care, understanding and compassion from staff, volunteers and other families staying at the house. There are two requirements that must be met in order for families to stay at RMHC-Denver:

  1. The patient must be aged 21 years old or younger, and;
  2.  The family must have permanent residence at least 60 miles from the hospital where the patient is being treated.

Each family who stays at one of our Houses is given a private room which accommodates up to 4 people, no more than 2 children per room.  Only one room is allowed per family.


Registration Procedures:

If you are a new guest at RMHC-Denver you will need to have a request to stay placed by someone at the hospital where the patient is being treated.  Please call our Referral Coordinator at 720-324-2407 if you have any questions.

This does not guarantee a room, but it will add your name to the wait list for the day that you need the room.

In order for us to continue to meet the expense of keeping families near the care and resources needed, we encourage — but do not require — guests to make a donation of whatever they are able.


Benefits Specialist on Staff:

Our Benefits Specialists can work with families to access personal travel and lodging benefits that may be provided by medical insurance or Medicaid.  Contact Doreen Rivera at 720-382-7205 or drivera@rmhc-denver.org for assistance.