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Giving to RMHC-Denver Makes Good Financial Sense

Your gift may qualify for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

Financial contributions to RMHC-Denver, of $250 or more in one calendar year, qualify for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC), a 50% tax credit on Colorado state taxes.  If you’re a Colorado tax filer, the CCTC significantly reduces the “cost” of your gift.

Contributions to RMHC-Denver support thousands of families each year, providing hope and stability during times of uncertainty.  Your gift to RMHC-Denver helps keep families together and near the medical care that they need.

Make A Donation

Here is an example of how the CCTC can benefit you:

Figures in the table are based on a 28% federal tax bracket and an itemized federal tax return.  Example is for illustration only and does not apply to everyone.  Please consult your accountant or tax specialist regarding your unique tax situation.

We will automatically send a notice, along with the necessary paperwork, to donors that qualify at the end of the year. *Note: Gifts made through donor advised funds do not qualify for the CCTC Contribution Credit.  

For more information on taxes, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website.